CIP System 3106 is a modular system that includes the pumping and control skid along with a solids separation system that uses weir separation technology along with in-process transfer of solids. CIP System 3106 is designed for the cleaning of tanks where moderate to high solids loading is expected. Typical applications are…

  • Cleaning of Drilling Mud Tanks
  • Cleaning of Crude Oil Storage Tanks
  • Cleaning of Product Storage Tank

CIP System 3106 can be stacked with the solids separation system residing on the top of the control and pump module to reduce the footprint required at the cleaning site or the modules can be placed separately at ground level. Connection to the tanks to be cleaned can be hard piped or by means of using flexible hoses.

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General Specifications »

Chemical Injection
No Chemical is mixed in Weir Tank
See data sheet for detailed information or call Orbijet at +1 281.218.9400
Construction Code
ANSI 150# Maximum Pressure Rating: 270 PSIG
Manual selector switches with emergency stop. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on pumps
Explosion Proof
Yes; According to ATEX
Weir tank; 3 part weir; with automated pump out system for solids and slurries
Orbijet, Inc.
Materials of Construction
Carbon steel; painted
Maximum Flow
0-230 USGPM (0-52.23 m3/hr)
Maximum Pressure
0-185 PSIG (0-12.75 BAR)
Maximum Temperature
160°F (71°C)
Fork lift and/or Crane
Number of Modules
2 (Pump and Control Skid; Solids Separation Skid)
Part Number
Multi-use/Multi-Tank Solution Recovery Tank Cleaning System