Orbijet model 2571 is a Crude Oil Washing system that is designed to clean large hydrocarbon storage tanks with solvents, water, and chemistry solutions such as our proprietary micro emulsion chemistries.  CIP System 2571 is a complete system that includes the following modules…

  • Master pump and control module; Skid 01
  • Tank Skid; Skid 02
  • Tank Skid; Skid 03
  • Oil/Water Separations Skid; Skid 04
  • Solids Separation Skid; Skid 05
  • Boiler Skid; Skid 06
  • Nitrogen Skid; Skid 07
  • Generator Skid; Skid 08

CIP System 2571 is a Portable Cleaning System.  The various modules are connected to Skid 01; the master pump and control module by Ethernet cabling and hoses

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General Specifications »

Boiler Skid
To provide steam to the pump skid
Chemical Injection
Yes; for mixing of solutions in one or both of the tank skids
See data sheet for detailed information or call Orbijet at +1 281.218.9400
Construction Code
ANSI 150# Maximum Pressure 270 PSIG (18.62 BAR)
PLC with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Explosion Proof
Yes; According to Class I Div I
Solids separation system; consisting of Shaker and Hydro-cyclone technology
Inert Gas Skid
To provide nitrogen to tanks being cleaned
Orbijet, Inc.
Materials of Construction
Carbon steel; painted
Maximum Flow
0-1,600 USGPM (0-364 m3/hr)
Maximum Pressure
0-175 PSIG (0-12 BAR)
This entire system is designed to be Portable. All modules are built with a certified frame for lifting by crane or fork lift.
Number of Modules
8 (See the module types in the general description above)
Oil/Water Separator
Oil/water separations skid
Part Number
Power Skid
To provide electrical power to all skids
Pump Skid
Primary pump and master control skid
Separations Skid
Solids separation of cleaning fluid streams
Tank Skid 1
Primary tank skid; surge and chemistries
Tank Skid 2
Secondary tank skid; surge and storage
Multi-Tank/Solution Recovery - Crude Oil Washing System