Maker: Orbijet, Inc.

This manway assembly is typically used for most manways on road and rail tankers. This accessory can be used with the following external drive cleaning devices…

  • SC 40RT
  • SC40E
  • SC40A
  • SC 30T
  • SC30A
  • SC 20HP
  • SC 20LP
  • ED100A

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This accessory is typically raised and lowered into the road tanker or railcar via a hoisting system that is over the manway entry of the tanker.
Orbijet, Inc.
Material of Construction
316 Stainless Steel
Part Number
See data sheet
Manway assembly for external drive tank cleaning machines.
124 lbs. for complete assembly with ball valve (see data sheet for more detailed information) This weight does not include the tank cleaning machines. See tank cleaning machines by clicking on this link to select your external drive tank cleaning machine. Click Me