Scanjet SML 1000 D measures continuously the fluid level in water ballast tanks, fuel tanks, fresh water tanks, lube oil tanks and other tanks, as well as drafts. Also water ingress in dry compartments and empty tanks can be detected and level measured with this system.

Scanjet Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauging (TLG) systems are based on the electro-pneumatic principle of measuring the fluid counter pressure in tanks by blowing air through measuring pipes into the tanks.

The system is designed for support digital communication as well as standard analogue signal (DC 4-20mA) to ship automation or loading computer.

The robust sensors have good long term stability, high repeatability and low hysteresis whilst they are not affected by low temperature.

Scanjet SML 1000 D

Key Features

  • Tank measuring system is optimized using different size of cabinets allowing for significant cost reductions and easier installation
  • Highly accurate and reliable online TLG systems
  • Easy installation and check of sensor and system performance
  • Hardly any need for spares or service
  • Easily accessible sensors in cabinets in safe area
  • Quick and easy replacement of damaged sensors
  • No system downtime, system is working when needed
  • No blind tanks slowing down cargo handling operations
  • No need to enter tanks for replacing damaged sensors
  • No need to empty, clean, gas free tanks for access
  • No need to provide tank lighting, ventilation for tanks
  • No mounting and calibration of sensors inside tank
  • No pulling of sensors cables inside tanks and through bulkheads

Typical Applications

  • Crude oil carriers
  • Product carriers
  • Chemical carriers
  • Offshore
  • Bulk carriers
  • LNG
  • Cruise vessels

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