Maker: Scanjet

Scanjet Model SC 60A is an advanced tank cleaning nozzle system specifically designed for Crude Oil Storage Tanks where tank entry is limited. The SC 60A has the ability to make entry into the tank via the support legs on floating roof tanks, as well as other openings that may be available on the tank to be cleaned. It can also be programmed for a specific cleaning pattern.

Key Features

  • Sector Cleanining
  • Support Leg Entry
  • Highly Durable
  • Pneumatic Drive
  • High Solids Loading
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pitch Control
  • Custom Lengths
  • Varied Nozzle Sizes
  • Leg Adapters as optional items
  • ATEX/Class 1 Div 1 Explosion Proof Motor

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General Specifications »

Air Pressure
4-8 BAR (60-116 PSI)
Cleaning Pattern Times
38 to 118 Minutes
Pneumatic (Air)
Flow Range
0-96 m³/h (0-425 USGPM)
Fluid Gun Inlet connection (Standard)
PN16 DN80/3” ANSI 150#
Fluid Gun Mounting Flange (Standard)
PN16 DN150/6”ANSI 150#
Hygienic Design
Jet Length Range (Radius)
0-99 Feet (0-30 Meters) Effective where impact value is 700mmWC or greater. Maximum jet length is approximately double the effective values stated.
Max temperature
95°C (200°F)
Maximum Air Consumption
300 liter/minute (10.59 SCFM)
Maximum Cleaning Pattern
280° Down
Minimum Opening
75mm or 2.952 inches
Pressure Range
0-175 PSIG (0-12 BAR)
Recommended pressure
12 BAR (175 PSI)
Rotation Pitch
Rotation Speed
0.5-1.5 RPM
Standard length
1500 mm (60 inches) and 2000mm (79 inches) Other lengths on request.
53 kg (117 lbs)