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The Bio 50 4 Nozzle  rotary jet head is a powerful tank cleaning machine with built-in hygienic features that provides 360° coverage within a given tank or process vessel. The Bio 50 is self powered by the fl ow of the fluid through the inlet cone of the machine. An  increase in pressure and fl ow will correspondingly increase the length of the jet and impact upon the tank or vessel surfaces.

The Bio 50 employs exclusive self-washing features that allows itself to be completely washed and has been certified in rinse validation protocols such as riboflavin validation and yogurt washing tests. The Bio 50 is designed for larger more difficult tanks to clean where longer jet-lenths and greater wetting intensities (higher flow rates) are required with controlled rotation values for ultimate cleaning results.

Typical Applications

  • Food & Dairy Process Vessels
  • Beverage Storage Tanks
    • Liquid Sugar
    • Fruit Juice
    • Syrup Tanks
  • Pharmaceutical Batch Process Vessels
  • Chemical Processing Vessel and Reactors
  • Transportation & Storage

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General Specifications »

Connections Standards
2.00” NPT(F) and 2.00” BSP(F); others on request
Integrated Turbine
<= 20 Ra Microinch
0-114 m3/hr (0-590 USGPM)
Flow Range
0-449 USGPM (0-102 m3/hr)
Hygienic Design
Inlet Pressure Range
2-12 BAR (30-175 PSI)
Jet Length Range (Radius)
0-138 feet (0-42 meters)
Cleaning Media
AISI 316,PTFE,PEEK,Tungsten, AI2O2
Max Temperature (operating)
95°C (203°F)
Max Temperature (static)
140°C (284°F)
Minimum Opening
5.68 inches (144.2 mm)
Pressure Range
0-145 PSIG (0-10 Bar)
7.0 kg (15.4 lbs)