Maker: Scanjet

The SC 20A-HP is a tank cleaning machine specially developed for the cleaning of small industrial tanks where product residues are hard to remove and cleaning volumes need to be kept to a minimum. The device can either be used on a fixed installed or portable basis and is available in two, three or four nozzle configurations. The external drive is a pneumatic (air) motor; other alternatives are available on request.

Key Features:

  • Electrical external drive
  • Fixed or portable
  • Bayonet coupling
  • High impact
  • Low volume

Typical Applications:

  • Paints and coatings process vessels
  • Solvent tanks
  • Totes and IBC
  • 3″ Tank Truck cleanout openings; tanker end domes
  • Small tanks where minimal effluent generation is desired

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General Specifications »

Approvals and/or Conformities
Rotating Jet-Head
Cleaning Pattern Times
3-40 minutes
Pneumatic (Air)
External Surface Finish
>25 ra µ microinch
Flow Range
0-6.75m3/hr or 0-30 USGPM
Hygienic Design
Inlet Connection
1.00" NPT(F); 1.00" BSPT(F); 1.00" BSPP(F); others on request
Portable and Fixed
Jet Length Range (Radius)
0-8 Meters or 0-26 Feet on the radius
0.5 to 1.0 Meter or 20 to 40 inches as standard; other lengths on request
Maximum Temperature
95°C or 160°F
Minimum Opening
67mm or 2.647 inches
Mounting (Deck) Connection
3" prong universal flange; 3" ANSI 150# flange; 4" ANSI 150# flange; 3" Tri-Clamp; 4" Tri-Clamp; 4" Camlock female; others on request
Pressure Range
0 to 150 BAR or 0 to 2,175 PSIG
5.7 kg (12.6 lbs.) for .5 meter length; 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs.) for each additional meter of pipe