ORB2100C is a hydrocarbon based solvent that is specifically formulated as an asphaltene dispersant.  Dilution is typically achieved using diesel fuel, naphtha, xylene, or toulene .  It can also be added directly to a hydrocarbon sludge.  ORB2100C can be used in automated tank cleaning systems, pump recirculation systems, or with hand-held lances.  The proper safety precautions should be observed as the use concentration of OBB2100C and it’s diluentent is flammable.

OBB2100C is designed to mobilize high asphaltene crude oils and sludge with or without the use of heat.  Typically, ORB2100C when cleaning crude oil storage tanks is recirculated within the tank to be cleaned in a diesel fuel mix of 1% to 10% OBB2100C to diesel fuel, xylene, or toluene.  Recirculation is commenced and continued until all of the sludge in the tank being cleaned has been mobilized and removed from the tank being cleaned.

OBB2100C can be used with or without heat.  The products ability to disperse asphaltenes is not diminished when no heat is used, but the reaction will occur faster when temperatures of 140°F to 150°F are employed.

To further clean the tank so as to gas-free or water-white the tank a follow-up cleaning with ORB102C (salt-water dilution) or ORB156 (fresh-water dilution) would occur.

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General Specifications »

Opaque liquid
Dark amber
Density (lbs/Gal)
OBB2100C is a unique blend of surfactants and solvents designed to aid in the dispersion of asphaltenes and asphaltic materials found in crude oil and hydrocarbon sludge's.
Flash Point °F (TCC)
77°F (25°C)
Freeze Point
-22°F (-30°C)
Ionic Character
Orbijet, Inc
30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 320 gallon totes, bulk orders on request
Product numbers
ORB2100C-US5 5 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2100C-US30 30 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2100C-US55 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2100C-US320 320 Gallon Non-Returnable Container
Fresh-Water(Dispersible), High TDS Brine (Dispersible), Isopropanol (Dispersible) Diesel Fuel (Soluble), Xylene (Soluble), Toluene (Soluble)
Specific Gravity
0.9 at 15.5°C
Use concentration
Concentration levels can vary depending on the mixture makeup. Typically 0.25% to 1.00% when adding directly to the sludge. When the dilutent is diesel fuel, xylene, or toluene the dosage rate is 1% to 10%. See data sheet for more information on use concentration.
pH Value (concentrate) (IPA:H2O)