Maker: Scanjet

The SC F150W Portable Water Driven Gas Freeing Fan is suitable for use on all sizes and types of vessels.  The fan is designed as a High Performance, Deep Penetration Unit. Constructed from Stainless Steel and Aluminium it is lightweight and easily moved around the deck.

Typical uses include…

  • Ventilation of tanks on ships for gas freeing
  • Ventilation of industrial tanks for gas freeing
  • Ventilation of tanks on barges for gas freeing

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General Specifications »

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Scanjet AB
Materials of construction
Stainless steel and aluminum
Maximum throughput
15,000 m3/hour (8,828 cubic feet)
Minimum deck opening
260mm or 10.24 inches
Operating pressure maximum
12 BAR (174 PSIG)
Operating pressure; nominal
5-10 BAR (72-145 PSIG)
Part Number
See data sheet
Standard deck opening
318mm or 12.50 inches
Ventilation device to remove undesirable atmospheres during and after tank cleaning
Water connections
Standards are 2.00" BSP(F) or 2.50" NST(M); other are available on request
Water consumption
33-55 m3/hour (145-242 USGPM)