Bio 7SB

Bio 7SB is a rotating spray nozzle/head that is driven by the cleaning fluid and is a very effective CIP alternative compared to traditional static spray balls. The fan like cleaning action provides improved coverage at low pressure whilst reducing the usage of cleaning media to a minimum.

Quality Control, Compliances & Certifications
Bio 7SB is manufactured in AISI 316SS and PEEK and can be polished according to specification. 3.1 certificates as an option.

Typical applications for the Bio 7SB

    • Yeast tanks
    • Dairy and beverage transportation
    • Large barrels
    • Large ducting
    • Large beverage tanks
    • Mixing vessels
    • Dairy processes


  • Rotating Spray
  • 360° coverage
  • Ideal for tanks where improved cleaning over static spray balls is desired
  • Improved cleaning and reliability compared to static spray balls.


  • 3A
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturing

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General Specifications »

Connection2.00" Weld; 2.00" Clip-On; 1.250" BSP(F) and 1.250" NPT(F)
Flow Range0-100 USGPM (0-22.7 m3/hr)
Hygienic DesignYes; 3A and EHEDG
Jet Length Range (Radius)0-12 feet (0-3.65 meters) on the radius; diameter is twice these values
LubricantCleaning media
MaterialsAISI 316L; PEEK(PolyEtherEtherKetone)
Max Ambient Temperature300°F (150°C)
Max Working Temperature203°F (95°C)
Minimum Opening2.56 inches (65mm)
Pressure Range0-70 PSIG (0-5 BAR)
Weight1.1 lbs (500 g)