Cleaning Validation

Tank Cleaning Technologies, Inc. offers two types of cleaning validation for the validation of cleans inside the tank.  These methods can also be used for CIP Optimization where the pre-rinse and post-rinse cycles are not under or over rinsed; therefore saving water and other resources.
Those methods are…

  • Biological
  • Conductivity Matching

Biologically we use the ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) method where we essentially can measure the total and free ATP in an assay sample.  From this we can tell the client the total BioMass in the tanks and also that which is alive and that which is dead.  This process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Conductivity matching is where we measure the conductivity value of clean rinse water coming into the tank and validate that with the discharge conductivity value of the rinse water that is flowing out of the tank at the tank discharge point.

See the products table listed below for data sheets on this process or call +1 281.480.4041 or email

Product Table

Model NamePart NumberImageMakerDescription
Aqua-Trace Free AQF1003M CorporationFor use with fluid samples... AQF100 measures the dead ATP cells in the assay sample. The results are determined by our luminometer in RLU's or Relative Light Units. The higher the RLU value, the higher the free ATP. In using AQF100 with our AQT200 product one can determine how much of the biomass is alive and how much is dead.
Aqua-Trace Total AQT2003M CorporationFor use with fluid samples... AQT200 measures the total microbial biomass in a sample (measures both alive and dead microbes). A fluid sample is collected via the AQT200 probe and then placed in our luminometer where the Relative Light Units (RLU) are read. RLU values are synonymous to how much microbial mass is present in the sample.
Clean-Trace UXL1003M CorporationFor use on surfaces... A quick and easy hygienic test for surfaces; using the swab methodology for the assay. Test results are available in less than one minute.
Uni-Lite Luminometer NG33M CorporationThe Unilite NG Luminometer measures the Relative Light Units (RLU) that is produced from our products AQT200, AQF100, and UXL100 hygiene detection reagents. The higher the RLU level the higher the biomass present in the sample. For demonstrations, contact our technical sales group at or call +1 281.480.4041