ORB2200C is a specialized blend of surfactants and solvents designed to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon fouling from process equipment and vessels. ORB2200C is a water-based alternative to solvent based degreasers, and was created to be a low toxicity, non-Flammable and effective on even heavy hydrocarbon fouling. ORB2200C is a concentrate and should be diluted with fresh-water prior to use.  This product is not a microemulsion and therefore will not create an oil/water/solids separation.

Processing and tank cleaning equipment for the application of ORB2200C is available from our sister company Orbijet, Inc.

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AppearanceClear liquid
ColorSlightly yellowish liquid
Density (lbs/Gal)8.679
DescriptionWater-based degreaser concentrate for use in removal of hydrocarbon residuals on metal surfaces. Typical for use in automated tank cleaning systems and manual cleaning processes. This is a general purpose degreaser and is a green product.
Flash Point °C/°F (TCC)None
Freeze Point14°F (-10°C)
Ionic CharacterAnionic
ManufacturerOrbijet, Inc.
Packaging30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 320 gallon totes, bulk orders on request
Product numbersORB2200C-US5 5 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2200C-US30 30 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2200C-US55 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2200C-US320 320 Gallon Non-Returnable Container
SolubilityComplete in fresh-water
Specific Gravity1.04 at 60°F (15.5°C)
pH Value (concentrate) (IPA:H2O)10.1