ORB102C is a microemulsion chemistry that is designed to work with a salt-water dilution and is an excellent cleaner and oil remediation chemistry for…
Environmentally Friendly Product - Tank Cleaning Technologies Inc.

  • Drilling Muds
  • Crude Oils
  • Waste Oils

ORB102C also remediates the cleaning waste by separating the oil from the water and solids can be reduced to less than 3% oil on solids as validated by the retort testing method. This product is used extensively for the cleaning of mud tanks on platform supply vessels and drilling rigs in automated tank cleaning systems and with hand-held lances.

Refer to ORB102C data sheet and/or MSDS for additional information.

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General Specifications »

AppearanceClear liquid
ColorColorless / Yellow
DescriptionORB102C is a concentrated microemulsion (forming) surfactant system. ORB102C is soluble for dilution with sea water (fresh water as an alternative) and provides a highly efficient alternative to solvent, emulsion forming surfactant or caustic/acid based cleaners.
FlammabilityNon flammable
Flash point40 – 45°C
ManufacturerOrbijet, Inc.
OdorOrange / Citrus
Packaging30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 320 gallon totes, bulk orders on request
Product numbersORB102C-US5 5 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB102C-US30 30 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB102C-US55 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB102C-US320 320 Gallon Non-Returnable Container
SolubilityCompletely soluble in sea water
Specific gravity0.95 – 1.0 @ 20°C
Use concentration2 – 20% wt
pH Value (Concentrate)7 – 10