Tank Cleaning Chemicals

Tank Cleaning Technologies, Inc. offers a variety of cleaning chemistries through our sister company Orbijet, Inc. These chemistries are proprietary to Orbijet and are designed to clean and remediate hydrocarbon based residuals found in crude oil storage tanks, drilling rig tanks such as drilling mud and other drilling fluids, road and rail car tanks that transport crude oil, asphalt, and/or heavy paraffin crude oils.  Our chemistries are listed below and by clicking on the product number you can access more details for that chemistry along with a data sheet and MSDS.

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Product Table

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
ORB102C Orbijet, Inc. ORB102C is a concentrated microemulsion (forming) surfactant system. ORB102C is soluble for dilution with sea water (fresh water as an alternative) and provides a highly efficient alternative to solvent, emulsion forming surfactant or caustic/acid based cleaners.
ORB116SC Orbijet, IncORB116SC is a super concentrate microemulsion forming surfactant system. The product has been specifically designed to microemulsify (solubilise) base oils into water and vice versa. The product is soluble for dilution with sea water and fresh water as an alternative when used in cleaning process.
ORB135SC Orbijet, Inc.ORB135SC is a super concentrate microemulsion (forming) surfactant system. ORB135SC is soluble for dilution with fresh water and provides a highly efficient alternative to solvent, emulsion forming surfactant or caustic / acid based cleaners.
ORB156SC Orbijet, Inc.ORBIJET SludgeTreat is for use in onshore waste management operations for the fast and safe treatment of crude oil sludge, refinery waste and heavy viscous tank bottoms commonly referred to as BS&W (bottom sediment and water).
ORB2000C Orbijet, Inc.ORB2000C is a hydrocarbon based solvent that is specifically formulated as a paraffin dispersant. Dilution is typically achieved using diesel fuel, naphtha, xylene, or toulene .
ORB2100C Orbijet, IncOBB2100C is a unique blend of surfactants and solvents designed to aid in the dispersion of asphaltenes and asphaltic materials found in crude oil and hydrocarbon sludge's.
ORB2200C Orbijet, Inc.Water-based degreaser concentrate for use in removal of hydrocarbon residuals on metal surfaces. Typical for use in automated tank cleaning systems and manual cleaning processes. This is a general purpose degreaser and is a green product.
ORB2300 Orbijet, Inc.ORB2300 is a mixed structure, oil soluble paraffin dispersant synergistically combining multiple chemistry’s.
ORB3000SC Orbijet, Inc.ORB3000SC is a caustic soda enhancer that highly improves the efficiency of caustic soda solutions. Reductions in caustic soda consumption and highly improved cleaning will be experienced. ORB3000SC also controls the water hardness enabling better/faster rinsing.